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Realms of Eternity v0.5.9
Fixed lasersword can cut while retracted. Added cut minigame to Kendo Dojo. Cut materials improved. Added Experimental settings. Added Eye Texture Scale (recomm...
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Update v0.5.8
Updates and fixes. Quest 2 optimizations and visual improvements. Tutorial mode...
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Update v0.5.6
More updates are on the way !...
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Fight. Craft. Evolve
Update v0.5.5
Reported bug fixes, next update will bring new content ( Sandbox mode release #1)...
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Update v0.5.4
Minor update, fixed few exceptions happening during runtime on some systems...
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Update v0.5.3
Updated to v0.5.3 . Bug fixes and crash reporting 1. Added texture filtering option ( recommended on Quest2 turn on ) 2. General bug fixes. 3. Added crash repor...
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Update v0.5.2
v0.5.2 - Update. Bug fixes and performance 1. GPU Performance enchantments. 2. Bow can be drop and grabbed. 3. UI is not aligned in garden levels correctly some...
Version 0.5.1 release, bug fixes
Updated to v0.5.1 mostly fixed reported bugs. Please use discord channel for bug reporting and feedback:
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